R&D ability

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YKM has one strong R&D team consisting of 20 plus experts in metal mesh industry. Three of these experts have more than 30 years of experiences in processing and developing wire mesh. They are the members of China Sieve Screening Standardization Committee and chaired or participated in drafting China’s National Standards for the metal wire mesh industry. Besides, YKM also has one Swiss expert with rich experiences in developing and manufacturing of reverse Dutch Weave Mesh, who makes YKM more competitive by this product.

In the meantime, YKM owns advanced research & testing equipment and software facility for development. It fully adopts the research and development platform Integrated by computer aided design and products test, including products APQP, mold design, 3D modeling and property verification, etc. YKM’s lab is equipped with precise instrument to conduct testings, and also can carry out the simulation experiments as per the application environment of the finished products, which can provide application and data support to the customers.

The developed products are widely applied in petrochemical, food & pharmacy, environment & new energy, automotive electronics, etc. Other than actively developing the new products as the market demand, YKM also supplies for the directional development, designing and manufacturing as the personalized requirement of the customers, which can ensure the quality planning during the production development.

In recent years, YKM’s self-developed wire mesh, deep-processing production and facility have won about 30 patents for invention and utility model. Its self-developed wire mesh developing software has been applied for the National Software copyright patent. The accuracy of its testing data has passed the verification of European laboratory.

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  • YKM’s R&D center has successfully developed many customized mesh, such as Auto safety system mesh, Exhaust control system substrate mesh, New energy power generation mesh, Epoxy coated mesh, etc., which has offered strong technical support for customers’ technology update and products substitution.

Cooperation & Exchange

In recent years, our company has started comprehensive cooperation with renowned scientific research institutions, industry experts and utilizing their resources & experiences in terms of training to technicians, formula improvement, performance testing & trials, co-building of lab, transformation of scientific research achievement, which has provided strong technical support for our technology development & successful execution of research and development projects.

Through cooperation with the university, YKM has established the advanced testing laboratory and recognized as the Public testing services platform for wire mesh industry. In October of 2014, the R&D center of YKM was awarded as the Enterprise Technology Center in Hebei Province. In December of 2015, YKM has cooperated with Hebei University of Science and Technology to build the Engineering Laboratory of precision metal mesh, and approved by Development and Reform Commission of Hebei Province for construction. After completion, it will be the largest, most well-equipped and most advanced laboratory in China’s wire mesh industry

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